10 keys to succeed on Instagram

As the saying goes: “a picture is worth a thousand words " and if not, tell it to the more than 300 million Instagram users. Having a profile in this social network can be a window of your brand to the market, but like everything else, you have to know how to take advantage of it and get the success that we all seek from it.


Dedicating a bit of your time and being constant, you can get very good results. Take note of these 10 keys!


Username: The nickname you use must be short and attractive. You must forget to use numbers, since it is harder to remember them than a simple name. Also, if you keep the same nick for all your social profiles, it will be easier for them to remember you. Keep in mind that “less is more ".


Personal brand: first of all, the images you share should reflect your essence or personal brand. What we must achieve is that when a user sees an image, he knows that you have published it without looking at who made it. As a good example of a personal brand See: https://buyrealigfollowers.com/.


Be constant: like all social networks, Instagram also needs to be constant and publish with some regularity. What you will get is that your followers will be expectant to see your next image. If you consider this network as a communication tool of your brand with your audience, you must propose to yourself to publish an image a day, you will see how your community will grow little by little. In fact, 73% of Interbrand's 86 Top Brands that are on Instagram post at least once a week.


Hashtags: the use of hashtags is more complicated than it seems, but well managed are a help to classify your photos and make users find them more easily. You should avoid using generic hashtags and use those that are known but more specific to the image you have published. Yes, beware of abusing hashtags ... sometimes we get out of hand: 91% of companies use up to 7 hashtags, with getting 12.6% boosts the impact of your images.


Complementary apps: there are many apps that can facilitate the use of this network (do not miss the post we dedicate to different apps to get the most out of Instagram) either to use new filters, add more light, include a text in the image ... There are also applications that help the image maintain its size and not be altered in the Instagram image editor. This will make your photos unique.


Creativity: what users like most is to see a creative image, something that they have never seen or that shows them reality in a different way (check out our post about 5 Instagram accounts that you cannot miss; You just have to look at other profiles and see how they are doing it, the power of creativity is in each and every one of us, you just have to train it daily and you will get really cool things! And to show, we leave you with one of the accounts that we like the most: that of the illustrator Alex Solís , in which his drawings mix with reality and seem to come alive.


Geolocation: adding a location to the image does not cost anything, but it can help you a lot. According to a study , if you implement the geolocation you get 79% more performance. With this data, we hope to have convinced you to add location.


Take care of your community: it is very important to take care and talk with your community. An average of 1.6 million interactions are recorded every day, and more and more! The users value very much that they respond to their comments, have likes in the photos in which your brand is present, etc. If you listen and participate with your users, they will become prescribers of your brand and will make more users want to follow you.


Mentions: Instagram is a social network in which communication flows on its own, but if we help create it, it will be much better. It is very positive to tag and mention other profiles in the images, so they will participate in your publications and even mention you in theirs.


To know what kind of images work: there are some types of images that never fail and that we have a sure like , such as: inspiring and motivating phrases (of those that take a smile from the user), food (with this type of publications, sure we get to some comment of the type: what hunger, do not publish this at this time!) and cats and dogs (that kind of images work yes or yes!). If you dare to make these types of publications, we advise you to visit the Notegraphy gallery for inspiration.